I thought I would make a big list of different ranges of Bitcoin investment sites or services along with a risk level out of 100
100 being extremely risky, don't invest
0 being 100% safe and 0 risk of loss on your bitcoins
Yet again usually the higher the risk the higher the payout

All sites below are crypto currency based (mostly Bitcoin) and includes most investment options.

1. BTCJam.com (Risk: 10/100, very safe)
Features for Lenders:
- up to 19.3%APR
- Advanced Borrower Identification and Rating system (face recognition with license is required, meaning a massive reduction of fraud/photoshopped docs)
- Review documents as well as arbitration if loan defaults
Features for Borrowers:
- Quick verification process
- Low fees and interest rates
- Plenty of investors ready to find your next big Bitcoin idea!

My Investments:
- Funded 4BTC of 10BTC loan, Repaid in full
Profit: 4.2BTC

Ref: N/A
Non ref: http://btcjam.com

2. BitBond.net (Risk: 20/100, safe)
Features for Lenders
- Up to 25% APR (depends on your investment)
- Borrower verification includes identity verification, Address proof, Tax forms...all required
- Account verification with PayPal (very useful) and social media (optional improves credit score)
Features for Borrowers:
- Very fast verification
- Fast loan filling if your idea is good
- Great trust system if you are a good borrower, you'll get more value of loans.

My Investments:
#1 Funded 9x trust loans worth .1BTC, 4/9 paid
#2 Funded 2BTC loan, partially repaid
#3 Funded 0.5BTC for 2.5BTC loan, late and un-repaid
Profit: 1.55BTC / 3.4BTC total investments

Ref: N/A
Non-Ref: http://bitbond.net

3. PRCDice.eu (Risk: 50/100)
The reason why the risk for PRCdice is so high is because a number of things could happen:
- The owner could run away with investment funds (I doubt t, but very possible)
- Someone could get extremely lucky, win a lot and you will lose a chunk of your investment
But on the upside:
- Someone (like the other day Road2Wealth lost 200+BTC) could lose a lot of BTC making a massive return on your bitcoins
- Convenience of instantly investing and divesting your investments. NO delays what so ever
- Instant deposits and instant Cashouts

My investments:
#1 1BTC original investment, cashed out 1.08BTC after 24 hours
#2 Coming Soon
Profit: 0.08BTC from 1BTC in 24 hours

Ref: N/A
Non-Ref: http://prcdice.eu

4. BitEmpower (Risk: 60/100)
Newly opened, invest at your own risk (I'm invested, will post payment proof tonight)
- Instant investments
- Up to 162% ROI per month
- Payments every 24 Hours
- Heaps of support features including love chat coming soon+bitcointalk thread
- Social media support
- Private ref program, email/Skype and admin gives ref links
- 5% ref commission on all investments from your refs
- SSL security
- BitcoinTalk member with over 180 activity and positive trust

My investments:
- 0.03BTC in 102.5% plan
Payment proof: https://blockchain.info/tx/b04ec9666...c1254d30d20701
0.03075BTC Paid in 24 hours
Profit: 0.00075BTC
More investments in this site soon to come

Ref: https://bitempower.com/15Y9d7rUfiCab...EYdbB2CJLg7MD5
Non-ref: https://bitempower.com/

5. BitCompound (Risk: 75/100)
New site, new bitcointalk member. It's a risky investment but first in best dressed is key
- 3 plans, 5 day 107.5% plan, 10 day, 120% plan, 30 day 202.5% plan
- Daily ROI
- SSL security
Not as rich in features as the site above but it works

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