Really Appreciate your response, so we are giving you more credit cards n data to play with. If in any doubt about anything , feel free to contact.

 We do not have to repeat, you already know. 


 WhatsApp : +1 548 800 0702

 Contact us at

 PLUS: Just Remember That Everything Works With A Method. Do Not Compromise.Plz Ask Questions Before You Order.


 Dumps(T1+T2) + Fullz HIgh Balance Available!! (Like you are enjoying already, do not try to card Apple or Amazon, we will provide you the sites).Your Apple Iphone 6 plus will be yours but do not get the cards without the method. Our customer support is our strength & we will not let you down.


 Join the hundreds who have benefited so far. AND WE WOULD LOVE YOU MORE IF YOU MAKE A BLOG YOURSELF

& LET THE WORLD KNOW THAT YOU HAVE BENEFITED FROM US! NO COMPULSION BUT YOU GUYS ONLY TAKE & GIVE NOTHING BACK! BUT LOVE YOU STILL!! And thanks for the mails about these cards working, stupid and lazy people still complaining! Our site will guide them & make them a pro like you! We believe in sharing so all the good guys are welcome!

These cards are Fresh WHEN WE POST THEM, not after half an hour when you already screwed them. First Come First Serve system for these Free cards. The STUFF you buy from me , will be Exclusively Yours.


Email address :

PayPal Password : juskenja
 Personal Info 

Legal first name : Ahmed

Legal last name : Davis

Date of birth : 08/13/1971

Adress Line 1 : 14422 Ashleigh Greene Rd 

Adress Line 2 : 

ZIP code : 20841

City : Boyds

State : MD

Phone : Home-US-301-916-1684

Social Security Number 213-13-5872


Card Number : 4888936068190200

Expiration Date : 07/2024

Card Verification Number : 205

Billing First Name: Joanna

Billing Last Name: Oczachowski

Billing Address: 13273 Riverside Drive East

Billing City: Tecumseh

Billing State: ontario

Billing Zip: n8n2m7

Billing Country: Canada

Payment Information

Card Type: Mastercard

Card Holder Name: Joanna Oczachowski

Card Number: 5191230074547051

CVV: 353

Exp Month: 05

Exp Year: 2026

Shipping EMail:

Shipping Telephone: 519-735-4321

Birth Date: July 31, 1979


John Dirugeris

5812 Dean Avenue




United States

Exp: 07 / 2025

Name on Card : John V. Dirugeris

Cvv2 077

Giving you the taste of everything, lets see how you can use the info n how good you are when using these cards.  



Credit card purchase minimum limit $100(in Bitcoins) Grow Uppppppp, Learn about Bitcoin Before Bothering my team.


Rate list is given below

US FULLZ AT $75 Each     

UNITED_STATES : $20/1(Classic Visa) $50/1 (Mastercards)


UNITED KINGDOM : $35/1(Classic Visa) $70/1 (Mastercards)


EUROPE : $40/1(Classic Visa) $80/1(Mastercard)


China : $40/1(Classic Visa Cards only)


Rusian : $45/1(Classic Visa Cards Only)


France : $100/1(High Balance Mastercards only)


Saudi  : $125/1(High Balance Mastercards only)


Western Union Available at Revised rates


$2500 Transfer = $250 Price
$3600 Transfer = $350 Price
$4500 Transfer = $450 Price
$6000 Transfer = $550 Price
$8000 Transfer = $750 Price
$10000 Transfer =$900 Price


Western Union Transfers are Easiest To Get But Only One Transaction / Per ID in 15 days.

Do Not Ask For The 2nd Before 15 days & you Need a Different ID if The Country & City Is The Same.


Login Bank (All Banks Almost)


BOA(Approximate Idea of Balance & Price)(Rates revised)


    1 . Balance 2500$ = Price 250$


    2 . Balance 4500$ = Price 350$


    3.  Balance 6000$ = Price 450$


    4.  Balance 9000$ = Price 750$


    5. Balance 11000$ = Price 1200$


Bank HSBC US :


    1 . Balance 6000$ = 500$


    2 . Balance 8000$ = 650$


Bank HSBC UK :


    1 . Balance 6000 GBP = 750$


    2 . Balance 8000 GBP = 900$


Before you contact us, read carefully our rules because there is no tolerance for scammers and spammers.


    1- We have credibility on undernet( Deepweb) Marketplaces before they were shut down, We have our regular customers who vouch for us on various forums.

    so if you decide to contact us, be confident n try not to ask for free stuff, we already provide a lot in our posts.


    2- We only accept payment with Bitcoin & PERFECT MONEY (PM).(Perfect money will be least preferred). On the other hand you get your stuff straight away (in cash or mail) & with method.


    3- We believe in providing Professional Service n we expect that you respect the Rules.


    4- If you face any problem using the cards,  We will provide you the list of cardable sites where you can buy Iphones, Macbooks, Branded Gucci, Armani Apparel, watches & other make up accessories easily. Do Not Try and Card Amazon or Apple. There are plenty of sites who can deliver the same stuff you want safely . Our Goal is to choose the sites that are easy to card.


Again,Please beware of people cloning our pastes. We have been delivering quality stuff for many years with a large happy and contented customer base.

Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks.




WhatsApp : +1 548 800 0702

Contact us with confidence at

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