1 Setting up FreeBSD
        1.1 Tuning the kernel
        1.2 Install the ports
        1.3 Set in rc.conf
        1.4 Set in login.conf:
        1.5 Get the current OpenStreetMap coge
    2 Work with Postgres
        2.1 Installing add-ons
        2.2 Set in postgresql.conf
        2.3 Create user and database postgres
        2.4 Setting up access to postgres into pg_hba.conf.
    3 Install the gem-libraries
        3.1 Install the gem-libraries that are required for code of osm
        3.2 Other additional gem-libraries
        3.3 The final list of gem-libraries
    4 Work with the OpenStreetMap code
        4.1 Creating and connecting the libpgosm module
        4.2 Populating the database structure and test
        4.3 Add the roles of administrator and moderator to user
    5 Setting up Apache2
        5.1 Сreate the mod_passenger module
        5.2 Сreate a file passenger.conf
        5.3 Сreate a file .htaccess
    6 Loading osm-data from a planet file into base
    7 Sources of information
    8 Read more