There are many people who are currently fighting obesity, which today is not a small issue. Research has established the link between obesity and other health-threatening diseases such as diabetes , stroke , heart disease and some cancers. Some are fat cells that can easily store toxins in the body and can damage the body. So it is essential to lose weight and say goodbye to obesity. The best way to get rid of obesity is to control poor eating habits . In this section of the fitness  damp 26 healthy snacks for weight loss and your health is pretty good.Weight loss diet

The best weight loss foods and specialties
In the following, we will use one-to-one meal and healthy food and fitness, with the mention of the method.

1-Nuts  Weight Loss Oral
Weight loss diet

Food program and weight loss list  without severe diets
There are people who believe that nuts should not be used because of their fat content, but it's entirely wrong to think exactly what nuts should be used for the fat it needs to be used. The nuts contain a lot of fiber, protein and fat that is eaten by that feeling. You will complete a perfect soup. Conversely, eating sweets that contain a lot of sugar can be completely harmful to the body and make you hungry. In fact, you can say that by eating nuts you will lose weight, and nothing threatens you. Nuts also It is very effective for the treatment of diseases and it is very important to treat various types of infections, and it can be said that this way is one of the best ways to keep your health healthy.

2- Red pepper with Gucci Edible Weight Loss
Red pepper contains effective cellular enhancers such as beta carotene, captanine and quercetin. It also has vitamin C. You need awhole pepper dailyto maintain your health.

3. Yogurt and the combination of popular yogurt weight loss weight loss
Yogurt with calcium, potassium , protein, and probiotics, which is known as a complete diet, can be suitable for weight loss alone. Yogurt can be further enhanced by adding some foods like berries, and berries that have an anticancer effect will be very good for the body.

4-Chopped apple with peanut butter
Apple has many benefits, such as increased intestinal and cardiovascular health , and is also well suited to lower cholesterol due to its protein content , and the use of apples with peanut butter can be excellent and more effective and can make enough energy in you. .

5- The use of flaxseed pudding as a weight loss diet
Fodder and cinnamon seed pudding Despite the fact that it has a fatty but rich in protein and nutrients, it gradually reduces weight and fights diseases, and cinnamon controls glucose.
Ingredients for oral administration Weight loss:
½ cup cheese, cottage
1 spoon your seed
One second spoon of cinnamon

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