Collect free bitcoins from 18 faucets

I've included two versions of the script in the zip
CoinboxFaucets-dbc.iim - Full autopilot collection using Deathbycaptcha
CoinboxFaucets.iim - Prompts user to enter captchas

Aside from the captcha solving they function the same. Both versions move from site to site and fill in your bitcoin address automatically. After the last site it will wait 30 minutes and start again if you run it in a loop. If a captcha is wrong the script keeps moving, it does not check for or report incorrect captchas.

The cost of solved captchas from dbc exceeds the value of the bitcoin payouts.

iMacros for Firefox 8.5.3 or newer required, will not work with 8.5.2 or earlier versions.

Edit the macro to set your bitcoin address and for the dbc version, your login info.

'Set your bitcoin address and DBC info
SET myaddr 1BtC22WjwmzDyTbuDZEw5GBctV7c3ko4CB
SET dbcuser yourdbcusername
SET dbcpass yourdbcpassword

If you find the script useful donations are appreciated 1BtC22WjwmzDyTbuDZEw5GBctV7c3ko4CB

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