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{NEW} RESKAYLEAKS: Leaked 14 Top Alphabay Carding Guides {2017 Jan-Apr}

Hello everyone, ReskayLeaks Have Taken Over TeamDarkcode's #OpAlpha anti-phishing Alphabay campaign from the previous year.

For those who hadnt read about it, the #OpAlpha campign was a group of vendors responsible for leaking 14 of Alphabays exspensive Carding guides, in response to the lack of action regarding the huge phishing problem. Alot of people suspected the new Admin (who took over from Alpha02 in August 2016) of ochastarting the phishing as a way of siphoning off additional funds from AB. In response to #OpAlpha,  Alphabay staff eventually enforced maditory PGP for all vendors, making it harder for phishing to happen to big vendors. (when this happened previously, vendors lost $1000s due to phishing with no support from staff, leaving an atomspehere between support and the community)

Now despite this change, Phishing has only gotten worse for buyers. Now there are multiple phishers operating on any given day. This means the fight must continue for better market security. All-new guides will be availble, we've bought and added +14 NEW Alphabay guides, with picture proof & our email or jabber support. 

We will carry this campaign on until Alphabay staff either change their policy and enforce mandatory PGP for everyone, or they restrict new users in a way that makes phishing difficult / impossible. until then we will continue to add to this Leak, and advertise it along wih our ReskayLeaks Archives.

We at ReskayLeaks started in 2014, trying to protect people from getting ripped off by buying things that were freely availble elsewhere online.
We compiled massive lists of free content on the darknet, and spread the word. for nearly 3 years we've been doing this, and yet again things have only gotten worse 
regarding resellers clogging up the markets with the guides in our free archieves, but we still continue to try and protect people, and carrying on the #OpAlpha campign seems like an adirmable cause for us to get behind. to clarify, all 14 TeamDarkcode guides we're leaked in the space between Jan-Apr 2017.

follow us on verified.vc or the validcvvmtwp25n5.onion/ forums for updates on free content, new leaked guides and reviews for our services, such as our phished UK & French Bank Login service. If you appreciate what ReskayLeaks do, feel free to send us a donation via our offical BTC address ,17YMh9WESKg99qeRLV55XYJyNoULG9qqUy or even just message us via our email at reskayshop@safemail.net to say thanks, it's all appreciated :)

             RESKAYLEAKS Top 14 Alphabay Carding Guides {NEW: Leaked Jan-Apr 2017}

CocaineCowboy's : Personal Cocaine Production At Home Tutorial, Sources & Help 
Author: CocaineCowboy
Price: $7
Origin: Alphabay
More Information: https://satoshibox.com/33zzvo4yca7ryx8i4gc5tvar

The Poker Guy : DeucesCarded: How To Make Money With Poker Fraud
Author: The Poker Guy
Price: $20
Origin: Alphabay
More Information: https://satoshibox.com/wedrf88vsem3uwqv7j7fcte7

iiuii8 : Carding China Method (Worldwide Shipping) + Asos Bonus Guide
Author: iiuii8
Price: $70
Origin: Alphabay
More Information: https://satoshibox.com/f5bcyq23ex2qp8a8sh4u2odb

Ginseng : BankDrop Creation Guide Version 2.5 
Author: Ginseng
Price: $40
Origin: Alphabay
More Information: https://satoshibox.com/txmrpyfuoi5ud3pjis274ohn

Ginseng : The Essential Virtual Carding Handbook
Author: Ginseng
Price: $40
Origin: Alphabay
More Information: https://satoshibox.com/a7k8ge3sub6qrgss8tfqkxtn  

Ilovechina's CC Cashout To IBAN Method + Carding Drones/3D Printers Website Method
Author: Ilovechina
Price: $45
Origin: Alphabay
More Information: https://satoshibox.com/5r6anfunxqqg688po32tahmg

Ilovechina's CC Cashout To BTC
Author: Ilovechina
Price: $45
Origin: Alphabay
More Information: https://satoshibox.com/8ttnuiqcstdobob6egne2yup

PayPalGOD's PayPal Transfer's Method
Author: PayPalGOD
Price: $
Origin: Alphabay
More Information: https://satoshibox.com/6cokstvbty83dh2dpnb7gcrf

Sacky : 9 Diffrent Bank Drop Creation Methods (US)
Author: Sacky
Price: $70
Origin: Alphabay
More Information: https://satoshibox.com/pkf2k3eucffxxsxekox33fsu

Sandman : Rock Solid Business Bank Drop Guide
Author: Sandman
Price: $75
Origin: Alphabay
More Information: https://satoshibox.com/g66eqjkkcqxebins5hzmw5ni

Andigatel's Cybercrime UK: Virtual Carding Vol.3
Author: Andigatel
Price: $90
Origin: Alphabay
More Information: https://satoshibox.com/wcz5wahqxkei62uwq2dc27zr

Cardbro V3.5 : Bank of America Business Mobile Exploit
Author: Cardbro
Price: $95
Origin: Alphabay
More Information: https://satoshibox.com/wurp3z8h7pui8y4hfh6wm4mj

BitcoinTheif : Easiest CC Cashout V1 - $1000 Max / CC / Day (Paypal Guide)
Author: BitcoinTheif
Price: $150
Origin: Alphabay
More Information: https://satoshibox.com/iepmfva52qkfh5bchtrd44xk

Bannedebooks : Carding University: 5 Days Of Carding  {ICQ transscript & Video}
Author: Bannedebooks 
Price: $150
Origin: Alphabay
More Information: https://satoshibox.com/3b3hps5wy8bj78fafnxwk6fc

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