Digital marketing is an effective way to bring your brand closer to the target audience since it allows you to segment by channels and interests.
The presence of companies on the Internet is essential to guarantee the brand's notoriety. The phrase "if you are not on the Internet, you do not exist" is increasingly appropriate to define the moment we live in society. Many of the emerging companies are consolidating in the digital environment before making the jump to physical establishments. The more traditional ones, others have been forced to open digital channels to gain full access to their target audience. And it is that new technologies have burst into business life to modify many essential aspects: from the business model to the work processes and, of course, the way of advertising.

The Internet -and new technologies in general- provide infinite advantages for organizations, since it allows for tools that facilitate work, offer relevant information about the business that shed light on how to carry out different processes, expand the market since It is possible to communicate globally and, of course, they make available a multitude of ideas that optimize the performance of the company.
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