Bananas have a lot of amazing advantages that summarizing them in a few sentences is a difficult task, but we will focus on some of the main ones:
Rich in potassium , it contains vitamins B and magnesium, which does not include fat and cholesterol.
Bananas are good for strengthening your heart and bones, your nervous system and your kidneys, and improve the mood and the immune system.
A banana-weight loss diet is a quick and delicious way to lose weight, without having to eat dull and tasteless foods.
Bananas can help to produce serotonin in the body, which is known as the (hormone of happiness), so when you are doing this, you do not feel any discomfort and depression , and this is a key ingredient in any successful diet. Is.
If you hate what you eat, your body will also resist it and repel the nutrients it should absorb. In other words, if you enjoy your meals, with foods that desire Feeling comfortable and happy, the fat just melts, and you feel the power and energy. Compliance with this diet is very convenient and easy It takes only 3.4 days and you can take up to 4 kilograms of weight turn it down.

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