Appreciate ideas for a startup name
Dear Members,
Its my first post here.
I am looking for suggestion for name of a startup.

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The platform is meant for restaurant owners and it provides a customized app for restaurant owners. Customers can download thw app and can do the following things.
1- make table reservations
2- order food for delivery
3- order food for pickup
4- orderfood for dine in 
5- payment through the app

All suggestions appreciated.

TastyFinger :p


MyFridgeApp, FoodWorld, FoodExpress, SmartFeeder, Cook&Book :D

Based on the list of 5 key points first letters.
Or change the words in the list.

Here are a couple of suggestions:
1. CustomFoods
2. FoodTemple
3. Foodbock
4. Yumyum
5. ChickenNuggets


MyFood. Why not?

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