After you enter your payment address, you can use instructions from "Setup Miner" dialog to quickly setup Windows and Linux CPU mining (or you can just simply press "Web Mining" button to start mining in your web browser). For manual miner setup please download (on Windows) or build (on Linux) miner of your choice: CPU (xmrig, xmr-stak-cpu), AMD GPU (xmr-stak-amd, wolf-xmr-miner) and nVidia GPU (xmrig-nvidia, xmr-stak-nvidia, ccminer-cryptonight). After that to configure miner please specify:
star "" pool and one of ports from ports page as pool:port miner address
star Your payment address as a miner user name
star Your arbitrary non empty miner name as a miner password. You can optionally append it with ":<your email address>" if you want to receive email notifications about miner downtimes.
Please note that the first string you used after ":" sign in your miner password will be your initial password on the web site to login miner options (it can be changed after you login).

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