will explain Exactly how this breaks down into so YOU can make the MOST Profit
Step 1
Signup Here
Step 2
Fill out profile page with information btc address etc
Cashout (READ FIRST)
to cashout you must invest .02 btc worth of KH/s
if you bought 9KH/s (.02 btc worth) you would be paid back in ~ 4-11 months
after that its all profit for doing Nothing
NO FEES ( for 2 years)
Free 200 KH/s
Just sign up using this link Here
to get your FREE 200KH/s For 1 WEEK (7 days)
and i think a small signup bonus as well
NO FEES for 2 years
Investments in KH/s
Once you buy these KH/s You will have them FOREVER
100 KH/s Cost .2242 BTC payback time ~ 4-11 months 2 year profit ~ .51 BTC
This is with NO WORK needed

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