How to seo sustainablely
I have some keywords on top 1, 2 of GG search, tell me how to keep them sustainablely?
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If you're trying to get savvy with your web design and content for the sole purpose of increasing your search rankings, you could be asking for trouble. Google is consistently getting better at identifying manipulative strategies and devaluing them with algorithm updates. Avoid penalties by thinking of your users first, not the search engines.

Search engine optimisation efforts that last in the long term, are not dodgy, and can withstand Google’s updates. However, it is not simply about avoiding algorithmic shifts or penalties, but rather on implementing best practices that will last for years rather than days. SEO is not simple and is resource intensive.

Quote from: curaqua on 08-27-2017, 23:15:11
Dear All,
I have some keywords on top 1, 2 of GG search, tell me how to keep them sustainablely?

Don't stop the SEO once you get the top position. you should keep doing it to be on the top.! keep updating site or post blogs regularly.

To be able to maintain a strong current position, I am trying very hard to do seo, but in reality, many competitors are also looking for ways to get position above my site, content source to updates is the more increasingly exhausted, anxious!

Continue to write quality content into your home. Because content will help google to evaluate your site better, if the content is less for google users will continue to put your website to the top.

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