Does this effect my rankings: Backlink from high spam score
Recently I found that my website got backlinks(dofollow or nofollow) from third party website whose spam score is high. Does this effect my website rankings and how exactly this works for my website if i get backlinks(dofollow or nofollow) from websites that has high spam score.

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Please suggest.
What kind of tool are you using to determine "spam score"?
MozPro and Link Explorer has a spam score, perhaps that's what he means. It provides a percentage. I have seen sites that rank with high spam scores. I am interested in hearing what people have to say on this subject, as for years I have been listening to the industry's advice re: white hat practices but recently I have seen more and more websites with spammish backlink profiles ranking.
Google says that it doesn't matter.

I disavowed backlinks (really bad sites) via Google Web Master Tool and nothing happened. I did it again for many sites and nothing happened. This tool really useful if you have manual action. For example, you use paid backlinks.

I think Google doesn't evaluate links which don't make sense for people and search (it is simple or primitive interpretation). The 'negative SEO' doesn't exist.
The 'negative SEO' doesn't exist.
It's been a while since I've been in touch with higher-level SEOs, but at least at one time, they advocated that if a site was all of a sudden linked by 100k, or 1 million links, Google freaks out and the spam flags fly. I can't say they were part of any of that type of shenanigans, but I'd say they were at least very close to those that could do that sort of thing. 

I took their word for it because I wasn't privy to any source data to confirm, nor deny. Now, I don't take anyone's word for anything unless they've proven to be trustworthy. At least at the time, that's what they conveyed.

Example: someone's site is hacked (I know it's a bit different, but this I'm aware of), and all sorts of Porn links are attributed to that site's pages - a site's ranking "could" be affected, but think about the reputation. A client of that site's company searches for their product, and in the top 10, a bunch of porn links show. Crap - that company's reputation can go straight to the mud. 

Ok, I got off point. Today, I'm not sure what the truth as far as Negative SEO goes, mostly because I've been out of the SEO loop for a while. However, what with all that can be done on SM to affect reputation, political or business wise today - I'm sure, negative SEO can be attributed to things done in a bad way, other than just bad links.
Hacked site is really problem. But it isn't 'negative SEO'. In my opinion "negative SEO' is trying to affect site rank without site's code manipulations or hack.
While part of my post above was more about affecting ones "reputation", both online and offline, it was another example of what can be done to affect a site with respect to bad links. Whether those bad links can affect ranking - I can't say for sure as it hasn't happened to anyone I know of - but, the hacking part is happening all the time. 

In my post above, I believe I have also touched on the possibility of throwing 100k, or 1 million links at a site. I've been told it could be, and has been done at least in the recent past, and there have been negative ranking issues with the target site, but don't know if that would still stand today or not.
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Add: I just look at the security statistics in terms of the amount of hacker attempts from all over the world (or at least IPs that appear to be all over the world) trying to hack into my client's sites via login attempts, password retrieval attempts, as well as thru upload exploit hacks and all sorts of other things. In fact, I'm pretty positive it's happening right now as I type this.
I see. The first step of Magento site audit is checking of security patches. It is interesting but about 90% have security issues.
Exactly. Also, changing passwords often and making them really hard can help secure logins and FTP as well. What most think about hackers are that they are people typing into their consoles manually trying to get into sites all hours of the day.

And while it's certainly possible, I'm sure there are so many automated processes conceived by them that they put to use, some are probably are at school, or sleeping, while the nasty processes they've set in motion are doing their nefarious tasks to hundreds and maybe even thousands of sites - day after day - night after night - until they delete a process for a specific site or group of sites, or somehow get in.
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