1. Register at stellar https://launch.stellar.org/#/register
2. Confirm account with facebook - You will get 1250 stellars
3. Confirm email - You will get 1000 stellars
4. If You sent 1000 stellars to someone You will get 1000 stellars in back (another 1000 stellars, You can send 1000 stellars to my wallet in thanks for this great method and You will get 1000 stellars back automaticaly! My wallet is:


5. Register at https://justcoin.com/
6. Confirm Your account
7. Send stellars to Your justcoin wallet and sell it for bitcoins.
1000 stellars = 0,002 BTC
3250 stellars = 0,006 BTC = $3,5

You can repeat this if You have more facebook accounts or You can invite Your friends and send him Your wallet adress!

You will maybe must wait 24h for verification because a lot of peoples use fake facebooks.

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