The benefits of weight loss, in addition to preventing diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke , also include more beneficial effects. 

 By losing 5 to 10 percent of your body weight, you can increase your overall health and reduce the risk of chronic health conditions, but here are some good and bad points that you do not usually know about weight loss.Weight Loss

Tips That Do not Know About Weight Loss
Energy intensity: When you lose weight, you spend less energy on doing everyday things. Weight loss also improves your oxygen efficiency and thus you do not breath while doing energetic activities. 

Strengthening memory : Swedish researchers in 2013 found that older women achieved better scoring tests after six months following a weight loss program.


Weight Loss

Losing weight helps to save your body

Reducing the risk of cancer: Overweight causes inflammation, which itself initiates cellular changes in the body. A study on postmenopausal women, published in the Cancer Research Journal, found that dangerous levels of inflammation can only be reduced by reducing body weight by up to 5%. 

Enjoy physical activity: When you are overweight, physical activity may cause joint pain and burning of your lungs when compared to people who have normal weight. When you start to lose weight , doing exercise does not make you feel like doing a routine and it's more like a fun experience. In addition, lightweight makes you faster and more powerful. 

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