For the next 3-4 days, mix 3 to 5 bananas with 3 or 4 cups of low-fat milk, and if you do not like the milk, you can try almonds that have recently become very popular . If you like, you can try a simple yogurt Alternatively, you can also eat them separately. You can mix just one banana and one cup of milk with a few ice cubes and drink if you freeze the bananas before use and boil the milk, you will get a delicious ice cream, a great potion and therapist on a hot summer day. Is.
  Fast Slimming with Fruit
 Decrease weight by banana in just three days
Diet and Slimming Menu in Banana 7 Days:
This version of the banana diet can make you slimmer, not only helps in weight loss, it also has a natural cleanser, all you need is banana, green tea and two eggs.
Drink tea every day as much as you like and add eggs to balance protein in these 7 days. After completing this diet, make sure you gradually go back to your normal eating habits, Give yourself 2 or 3 days rest until your body is restored.

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