pay someone to look at my jarvee with tviewer
need someone to look at my jarvee through teamviewer at my settings for fb mainly, insta and pint in the follow settings, friend request settings, invite to page and the settings for campaigns.
as i get issues with it its doesnt always to post to my page, groups, hasnt barely follwed anyone in my niche, a lot of the pins i created in the campaigns dont get posted 
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i get a lot of failed friend requests and i i get a lot of fb group errors, like no fb hroup found or something like that.

so its probably the type of settings ive used thata causing this so want to pay someone who knows how to use jarvee to check my acc using teamviewer 
no new accounts

Moved to HAF, as you're offering payment. Please keep in mind only upgraded members can offer a service, thanks.

I can arrange TeamViewer session but only for free :) Just contact us at contact(at)

Skype live:brucebaxter1 
I can help you with that

i can do it and will give you also the best settings

I can do this for you. 
skype me , details are in signature.
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