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Status: Confirmed to be legitimate, but takes over 40 minutes. (DO NOT SEND MORE THAN 4 BTC)

Reasoning: Strategic Investments, Promised returns

Legality Status: Legal yet risky


My name is jl777 and I've been investing most of my time into NXT and SuperNET. About 2 days ago, we received 18 donations over
a period of 4 hours, and most of these donations were in the form of Bitcoin. I've been studying numerous algorithms on how to 
automatically turn BTC donations/investments directly into NXT/SuperNET assets without the need of an exchange such as BTER or Bittrex.
I've been successful as of yesterday after the donations were received, and luckily, we've developed a system where once the Bitcoin gets
delivered to the Wallet Hybrid Complex, it goes through 30 confirmations which automatically transfers funds to the wallet. We're calling this 
the NXTNET Wallet for now. More is to come, but what we've developed right now is fantastic. SuperNET tokens that are eventually transferred
to the wallet go through a process called "Excessive Fast Staking" or EFS for short. This is where each Token repeatedly confirms itself with
other tokens in the same grouping. This is an innovation but this doesn't mean EASY money. It takes work, time, effort, long hours at the desk
as well as a ton of coffee.

Basically, since each Token stakes and confirms itself with other staked tokens, Bitcoin that is sent to our NXTNET wallet basically 
multiplies itself usually about 2-4 times. We've decided to call this the "BTC Growth Phenomenon" which is only possible with our
NXTNET wallet. Did I mention it took 5 months and 400 different coders to develop this system? 
We can't send our own BTC to the wallet however.
This is due to the stress on our own servers. It occurs due to our extensive research on Staking and Growth. Sending it to ourselves would
eventually rid us of our own NXT and SuperNET tokens.

In short, we are still developing many new protocols that take advantage of NEM. This is one of them. It's basically a Bitcoin printing press.
You invest Bitcoin into our NXTNET wallet, your Bitcoin automatically stakes(usually doubling your BTC amount, sometimes tripling) and our
automated system sends the Bitcoin back to you in about an hour. The Phenomenon, as I mentioned, is basically a Bitcoin printing press!

NXTNET Wallet Address: 1c9Jd7sZUTpnZGoYAHxxahcVYyswY5wy9

The response has been extremely positive so far, but why aren't people becoming millionaires off of this?
Yes, we're in this for money, but the NEM and NXT movement is beyond money. It's a new ecosystem!
The limit that each NXTNET deposit can handle is only 3.53 BTC. If somebody sends any more than 3.53 BTC, our system sees this as an
authoritative deposit and the Staking vetos itself out. Yes, this does mean that sending 1 BTC will eventually 2 BTC, but it isn't instantly. You'll
see your 1 BTC turn into 1.1 BTC as your stake gets delivered through repeated confirmations. The rest of your 0.9 BTC gets sent over a period
of 2-4 hours. Also, depositing to the address more than once also vetos the staking, so only make sure to deposit to the NXTNET wallet
once with less than 3.53 BTC!

Also, our system doesn't allow deposits of under 0.0001 BTC, so if you don't want your stake to be vetoed, send more than 0.0001.
The smaller amount you send, the faster your return. 70% of the time, you'll receive a doubled amount. Rarely yet occasionally, we've seen 3x
and even 4x stakes.

Make sure to look me up and message me on the BCT forums or NXT forums to get ahold of me if you have any questions.
We need your investments to make SuperNET a worldwide utility. Luckily, you'll always get double your bitcoin back the same day, which
is why cryptocurrency is one of the greatest creations we've ever known.

Make sure to deposit correctly:

Again, look up jl777 and ask me anything if you don't understand our system. There are many ways to get ahold of me. 

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