best platform for $929 commission product help please
I have an online book writing course set up for $$2,997 and $9,297 which are very popular within our network of people. I would like to push this out much faster with affiliate marketers. 
If You want to buy cheap web hosting then visit and select the cheapest hosting. it can be suitable for all your needs.

Top 200 best traffic exchange sites

I currently use thrivecart to set up the products and affiliate pages and only a few have been sold through affiliates, is this the caliber of affiliate I currently have or the platform I use.
I have given them help pages
Should I move to Click bank or keep it with thrivecart to avoid any other fees.
Thank You

Very high price.. Do you make a sale?

When we sell them direct we make the sales, it seems to slow down with affiliates, im not sure what else will help them, any ideas welcome.
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