Get BitSler Script here:
Ultimate Professional Script to make free Bitcoins from BitSler
It has an unique system to change seeds and make a lot more of wins...
Just sign in to the site with script, make sure the "Auto Change Seed periodically" option is checked and start rolling!
This is more than one-year work, we are happy if it can help people to promote the use of Bitcoins!
BitSler Script is a standalone program to automate betting using several strategies.
It is updated regularly to improve the script and to add new and innovative features.
- No browser needed
- Option to "Auto Change Seed periodically" (more wins guaranteed)
- Multiply On Win
- Speed Betting option (New)
- Reset Bets after number of wins
- Optional Stop after Profit
- Zig Zag(High/Low Switching)
- Very flexible Martingale Automated Betting System (New)
- The script is fully compatible with latest BitSler version.
Never heard of!
Just visit:
This is new and fast-growing Bitcoin-based gambling site!

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