How to earn with CoinURL

Step 1.

First you need to register for CoinURL.


Step 2.

Then you need to register for the Hitleap Traffic Exchange.

Referral LinK:

Step 3.

Download the Hitleap Viewer :

Step 4.

Start the Hitleap Viewer and start earning minutes.

Step 5.

Go to Blogger and sign up.

Step 6.

Go to CoinURL and shorten any link, such as Google.

Step 7.

Go to Hitleap and submit your blogs URL to the traffic exchange.
* Note *
This must be done before Step 8 or else your link will be rejected.

Step 8.

Go to Blogger, and create a post on your blog with the following code.
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=YOUR-URL-HERE"/>
Replace YOUR-URL-HERE with your shortened link, and then create the post.

Now traffic will automatically be sent to your CoinURL link with your blog as the referrer instead of Hitleap which means you won't get banned.

Looking for more guides to come from me? Help out by donating: 1MEofhs9j8kfaFsG1hdif65KLsK5AEhkpV

Thanks for reading! Goodluck!​

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