If you follow this guide then you may achieve a lot in future! Don't get me wrong. I am not joking. This is a lifetime opportunity and will make fortune for you. With this method, you can earn 115.2 BTC per month. Yes, a hefty sum of 115.2 BTC per month. For those who are not aware how much 1 BTC value. It is 1 BTC = $1100.
This can change your entire life. Read the article till the end if you are serious to make this much amount of money every month.

Now no more chit-chat. I am going to reveal the method to you.
BTChamp is a peer to peer donation platform between its members. It is a 2X6 matrix platform where you just have to donate 0.0005 BTC to your upline. It gives you the potential to earn up to 6 levels.

If you can join 2 people under you then this system is for you. A life changing platform. The only investment you need to join this program is mere 0.0005 BTC($1.5) only. Even 1-liter petrol costs more than that.
This is the most important part to know that how we will convert 0.0005 BTC into 115.2 BTC with this method. Let's discuss in brief.

Friends, it is a donation platform. You donate to the person who referred you to join BTChamp. You donate 0.0005BTC to your upline once.

Then you join 2 people under you. These 2 people donate 0.0005BTC each to you. 

- 0.0005 X 2 = 0.001BTC. You keep 0.0001BTC with you and donate 0.0009BTC to upgrade to next level.

These 2 people join 2-2 people each and donate 0.0009BTC each to you.

- 0.0009 X 4 = 0.0036BTC. You keep 0.0006BTC with you and donate 0.003BTC to your upline to upgrade to next level.

These 4 People join the next set of 2-2 people each under them and donate 0.003BTC each to you.

- 0.003 X 8 = 0.024BTC. You keep 0.01BTC with you and use 0.14BTC to upgrade to next level.

These 8 people will then join 2-2 people each in their downline and donate 0.014BTC each to you.

- 0.014 X 16 = 0.224BTC. You keep 0.074BTC with you and donate remaining 0.15BTC to upgrade to next level.

These 16 people will then join 2-2 people each in their downline and will donate 0.15BTC each to you.

- 0.15 X 32 = 4.8BTC. You keep 3BTC with you and donate the remaining 1.88BTC to your upline to upgrade to the next level.

These 32 people will then join 2-2 people each in their downline and will donate 1.88BTC each to you.

- 1.88 X 64 = 115.2BTC.

That's it. Voila, you are done now. See by just investing 0.0005BTC and joining 2 people you became an achiever.. It all depends on you how fast you go and join people under you.

Spillover- Since you can have a maximum of 2 people under you. So if you will join more than 2 people then they will automatically become your downlines referral. It will help you to complete your levels very early.

Me too is a member of this system and just within 1 day, I am on Level 3. So if you join my team you will gonna take huge benefit of spillovers.

It is a lifetime opportunity. Don't let it go. It will make you financially free for your entire life just within a month. Seriously.
To join BTChamp you need 3 things.

1) Unocoin Wallet (For Indians) & Coinbase for foreigners.

2) BlockChain Wallet to send and receive donations.

3) BTChamp account. 

Join Now : http://bit.ly/2kx87Db

Small Tip : Make seven referral with your same email id and password with different name like name,name1,name2,name3,name4,name5,name6,name7 and with different blockchain or coinbase addresses of your own. In this case you are your own referral and donations will also go to your account. No loss method. When you get external referrals your earning will be high because in the higher level profit is high and you always earn high. Now you are earning with your seven accounts (This is a legit process see FAQ). Tell your referrals also to do so because this is a team work to earn high.

So friends don't wait. Your future is in front of you. Create an account today, invest 0.0005BTC and see your life changing. I assure you for this. This would be the best decision of your life. Mark my words.

Note- Join only if you think you can join 2 people under you. It will help you to grow your team. For 0.0005BTC it would not be a tough job for anyone to convince only two people and join under you.

So, friends, I have told you the best system of your lifetime. Now it's only up to you that do you want to change your life or just want it to keep going as it is going now.

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