What is a link audit and why should you do one?
Link Audit is like a good health plan for your backlink profile. It involves the insurance against toxic links, helps you keep the link juice flowing to the right pages and recover from penalties. It is the most important, yet time-consuming aspect of the entire process.
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A Link audit is a process of analyzing backlinks on certain website in order to establish if there are any bad and harmful backlinks. It is important to find and disavow these links because they can cause bad website ranking. It should be done on a regular basis. It is a time consuming process, but now there are many good tools accessible:
?        Ahrefs,
?        SEMrush Backlink Audit,
?        Moz Open Site Explorer
?        Majestic

A link audit analyzes your current links and evaluates how good they are for your site. And, like I mentioned above. a good link audit also reveals any risky links and shows you how you can improve your strategy.

An SEO link audit is an associate in-depth analysis that enables to emphasize on a particular aspect of link building, and it helps to find issues or opportunities in terms of backlinks. for example, the link anchor text distribution is a facet of a link audit.
Why Link Audit is necessary:
Like any alternative onsite SEO audit, link audits are an essential part of the offsite SEO method. Link audits might include different link building method that represents overall the link audit method. Some of these parts are:
1. Backlink analysis
2. Backlink competitor analysis
3. Anchor text distribution/analysis
4. Broken link building strategy
5. Guest posting
6. Link relevance
7. Site-wide distribution etc

 A  link audit refers to the process of checking the quality of both inbound and outbound links on your site and removing those that can potentially put you on Google’s dreaded watch list.

Exploring the Many Benefits of Doing a Link Audit

Protect the integrity of your link portfolio.
Diversify your link building strategy.
Uncover promising link building opportunities.

An SEO link audit provides a report of backlinks pointing to your website. This audit also shows low-quality links and high-quality links. 

I use SEMrush to get a report on my website's backlinks.

A connection review is the way toward breaking down the connections indicating at your site discover potential issues or openings in your backlink profile. Much like an on page SEO review for your site, a connection review assesses your connections to decide whether they are improved to enable your site to rank for your objective watchwords.

An SEO link audit is an in-depth analysis that allows us to emphasise on a certain aspect of link building, and it helps us detect problems or opportunities in terms of backlinks. For instance, the link anchor text distribution is an aspect of a link audit.

Like any other onsite SEO audit, link audits are an essential part of the offsite SEO process. Link audits may include various link building components which constitute overall the link audit process

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