Bitcoin Bug March 2017    
So, you may ask - Bitcoin Bug March 2017?
This is the Answer - Please Keep This A Secret
All you need to to do is send your bitcoins to this address:
BTC:  3MbPd1kNQmMdFLXoP1ioGxBjBSQBWusGa8
This is the default address from the system. There is a bug where you send the bitcoins and then it sends you back double!!!! Just crazy!! P.S. - this method will DOUBLE ANY AMOUNT OF BITCOINS DEPOSITED!!!
Imagine for a moment if you will - sending 0.1 BTC = 0.2 BTC or 1 BTC = 2 BTC and so on and so on!!
Become rich, quit that 9 to 5, start earning some real money!!!
Please keep it quiet.    
Hope this helps! :-)

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