Best Fiverr Seo Gig!
I had some good success with this fiverr seo seller, and he helped boost up my rankings. Thought I would share.

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Pushed my website for a very competitive keyword up a few pages!

His gig can be found below:

Looks good, but how to find his gigs? :)
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You can find his gig here:

Are they really good for SEO? I mean I read dozens of reviews on web that people had bad experiences with fiverr for seo, they are not that good with SEO. So I started using instead of Fiverr for seo, they specialize with SEO and thats the positive point. They have thousands of SEO experts available at the very affordable prices, so far great experience with SEOClerks.

OzzieUK is fine but the links are all spam and built by bots, I tend to buy links from a Fiverr seller of real guest posting done by manual outreach and he provides me all high traffic blogs to approve and then he gets me the live link in 8-10 days. Good service although, content quality can be improved but for the price, it's great. His GIG link is

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