Since 1992, she has been managing this telephone listening platform, which supports the vast majority of women victims of domestic violence. Does the National Women's Solidarity Federation (FNSF) risk losing support for 3919, the national listening number for women victims of violence? In a press release, Tuesday, November 17, the FNSF and 21 other signatories expressed concern about a government project expected before the end of the year: the launch of a public procurement procedure and thus a call for competition, to designate the structure that will be responsible for this helpline.

This change is part of the desire to make the 3919 available 24 hours a day in 2021, as was announced during the Grenelle meeting devoted to the fight against domestic violence. The telephone platform would thus become "a real public service: we define its objectives and methods, and we finance it 100%", explained to AFP the office of Elisabeth Moreno, Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister in charge. of equality between women and men. For a "public, and so to speak nationalized" helpline, "recourse to public procurement is essential," he said. An "obligation" contested by the associations, who have launched a petition to oppose this project.

The fear of a loss of expertise
In a column published Monday by Le Monde, a group of personalities recalls that the 3919 is "today carried by a network of 73 grassroots associations present throughout France: the National Federation of Solidarity Women, which is moreover supported by 12 national associations and their respective networks ". At a time when this helpline supports around 2,000 victims each week - 7,000 during the first confinement - the FNSF and other associations fear less expert care, and thus less personalized, if a new structure takes over. the head of 3919.

"Supporting women victims of violence requires a lot of training and experience, an experience that has been built up over thirty years", told franceinfo the director general of the FNSF, Françoise Brié. "The 3919 is a pillar, with around a system of national feminist associations and networks, which bring a very particular response to women".

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