Can no-follow link give backlink?
Please tell me something about no-follow link. is it useful or not regarding seo? 
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Nofollow links can't give you backlinks... But there is other benefit of such backlinks, these backlinks can still get you referral traffic (if you are getting them from niche related high traffic websites)


It gives traffic to your site instead of backlink.. :)

It cannot give you backlink but, even though it is no follow, it is also important that people see your url or website, and you can get traffic from there.

I've heard no-follow back links still count to give link juice which helps SEO; they just don't help with a website's page rank in Google.

Nofollow Links don't counts as backlink or vote to your site and also does not pass pr juice to link, but it helps to traffic to your site. They are good medium to get huge traffic and they helps to make our link building a natural link building.Google likes natural link building.So always create both do follow as well as no follow backlinks for your website.

a nofollow link is not useful.. it will not drive traffice to your website..

According to me No-follow links are good but not for your PR you can attract more traffic through it but not promote PR.

a nofollow link is not useful.. it will not drive traffice to your website..

Care to support it....??????

As far as i know and with my personal experience, I can say that nofollow links are equally capable to drive traffic as any other dofollow backlink.

I would really appreciate if you could provide some source to break the myth that nofollow brings traffic :)

hello every one,
Yes , we get backlink through no follow links but its not much suitable as comparatively do follow follow terms are only follow by only google SE. So except google other search engine can crawl the no follow links.

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