Canonical url not working
I declared canonical for my website, but google still indexing both www & non www version. Why? We want only non www version for google SERPS.. Anyone please explain how to rectify this?
Google will show both versions if there are links to both versions. First check your own site - see whether any of your links such as nav menus or manually pasted internal links are using the www version. 
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Fixing your own links should be fairly easy. Next check to see if any external sites are linking to the www version - if so, you can try to contact each site owner and ask them to update. They may or may not do so.

In the meantime, you should also put redirects in place. If you're on Apache hosting you can use .htaccess; if NGINX there are config files; pretty much any server type makes it possible to set up redirects. Make sure to 301 (permanently) redirect all www links to their non-www counterparts. Make sure to send them to the same page - so if you have a page at, make sure to redirect to and not just redirect everything to Example Domain.
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