To find out about our list of foods, read the following materials and reduce your weight at any time
Greek yogurt: Greek yogurt contains very high protein and very little sugar. Every night, this yogurt will fill your stomach completely and you will not feel hungry .
And it's one of the important benefits of Greek Yogurt that it helps fat burning and muscle building when you eat it when you're sleeping .
Cherry: Cherry is the natural source of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that regulates sleep and is very important in regulating it. Cherry is rich in antioxidants that help lose weight . Cherries are often considered as the best fruit before bedtime, and it is advised in medicine to take it before bedtime.
Stylish Protein: By eating a stylish protein, after the end of your time, you have been helping to rebuild your body, including helping build muscle and your body will get a lot of energy.
Cheese : Cheese isrich in casein protein, which is released into the body slowly, thecheesegives you a feeling of satiety, and when you are asleep, it builds the muscles.
Banana: The banana contains amino acids that you eat faster and sleep and the fiber that has the banana makes you feel satiety
Cacao Milk : An ideal drink for weight loss Calcium causes the burning of abdominal fat Unquestionably, cacao milk is one of the best weight reducers.

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