Earn free Bitcoins!

        Quick and Easy Way of Getting Bitcoins

        •BitBin is a pastebin service which allows you to share snippets of text (usually programming code) publicly, and shares the site's ad revenue with you (in Bitcoin) based on the amount of views your snippets get.

        Go to Bitbin and Create a new Snippet

        Put in anything you want in the textbox. I am going to do “Earn Free Bitcoins!”

        You will now need a Bitcoin Wallet, I recommend using Coinbase. Go to Coinbase (use google to search fot it).

        Once you have registered, We need to create a bitcoin Address.
        Click on Account Settings and you should see Bitcoin Addresses.

        Click Create new Address and it should come up a new address. Copy the address for the next step.

        Click Earn Bitcoins and where it says Bitcoin Address, put your Bitcoin Address that you copied.

        Click Main and where it says Paste Title, put your Title for your Snippet. Finally do the Captcha and Submit Paste!. Copy the link for the Next Step.

        Now, you will need a source e.g. Youtube, Facebook Etc. I am going to stick with Facebook. The Facebook Page I am going to be using it Bitcoin Page.

        Paste the Link of your Snippet to the Facebook Status on the Facebook Page. You Could a title of your own. It make it attractive. You can do it on many pages you want!. The More the Better!

        In a couple of days, you will start earning a huge!, I mean huge amount of views on your snippet. You will have to keep updating it on other pages on Facebook. So you will be still earning views.

        I hope you are rolling in Bitcoins, day by day!!

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ICQ: 744 820 260 WU trans...3 hours
ICQ: 744 820 260 WU trans...3 hours

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