Many people experience obesity, and that's why diet and exercise everyday are a good way. Obesity not only takes you away from attraction but also causes many illnesses such as back pain , digestive problems, fatigue, lack of self-confidence and cardiovascular disease, and depression and other negative health effects.Slimming with apple vinegar
If you like wearing absorbent clothing and because you are overweight, you are deprived of wearing this type of clothing. In this part of the  Damp Fitness, we introduce the natural version that is very effective in weight loss and is a way to achieve Wish you wear your favorite clothes.
Slimming with apple vinegar 
Apple vinegar is a strong version of traditional medicine for slimming
Slimming and weight loss by combining apple vinegar and lemon juice
 In this part of the Moisturizer, we plan to introduce an effective and perhaps a little time to lose weight. First of all, the slimming effect of this version is not fast, but it's remarkable for burning rigid fats.

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