Does banana cause your obesity? You probably have heard from nutritionists many times that you should avoid eating bananas, especially when dieting for weight loss , because it contains a lot of sugar, and I know people Many people are afraid of eating bananas, because they believe that these fruits make them fat, while it's true that bananas contain sugars, they can only increase your weight , if you're not careful, how much You consume calories and combine them with fats.Fast slimming
 Slimming fast and easy
 Fast weight loss in 3 days with bananas
Fast Slimming with Banana
Fruit is a nourishment for those who only eat fresh and organic fruits to keep their bodies. They are more fitness and, in reality, use dozens of bananas every week. Their secret is that they do not use a lot of high-fat foods when Foods like bananas do not interfere with fat cells, so you can say that if you control the amount of fat you use, you can use this delicious fruit safely and without feeling conscientious. In fact, by adding this fruit, it improves digestion, eliminates additional toxins, and Will cause your skin glow, discuss this part of the fitness and weight loss damp in the program for weight loss fast In 3 days by eating the same delicious fruit called banana.

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