What to do with my Slickdeals Account
I have an aged (10yrs old) account, only level 2. 
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Is it worthwhile to try and leverage it to create some income? What's a realistic expectation on what's possible to earn from a venture like that? As well, what's the best way to promote? 

I was thinking Fiverr, but would rather avoid 3rd party and save on fees. 

Thanks in advance for the input!

What kind of account?

Want to operate the bank account from any where

Yes for foreign buy and sell

You mean by posting affiliate links?

You mean by posting affiliate links?
I was thinking just sticking with comments and likes.

I was thinking just sticking with comments and likes.
How do you make money with that?

I want to have a company bank acct where client can pay and i will witdraw from anu country

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