Land of Bitcoin
Both of these websites allow you to save your wallet address on the site and will auto fill the tabs for most websites. Also has a faucet every 24 hours.

Watching Ads/Videos
A simple PTC made for Bitcoin, cashout/invest at bitcoin. Minimum payout at 0.0003 BTC and is easiy achievable. Each day you earn about 0.0001 BTC.

Bit Visitor
Five minute timer for each site, payments are every hour with a minimum of 100 uBTC.

Earn Free Bitcoin

Earn up to 35 uBTC every 24 Hours, Enter your wallet address and start surfing. Surf timer is 3 minutes a page.

BTC Clicks
Click on ads for between 10 seconds and 3 minutes, each click is about 0.00004 BTC for a standard member.

Honey Bitcoin
Tasks, Quizzes, Offers and the rest

A Bit Back
There are many ways to earn on the site, from offer walls to videos and PTC. The minimum payout is 30 points which equals 0.0009 BTC

I Want Free Bitcoin

Coin Worker - Do random tests and quizzes to earn BTC

Bitcoin Get

Bit Bin
Write random stuff and put pastes on the site, every hit you get on the post will earn you some BTC.

Bitcoin Pyramid
You make money when the people below you in the pyramid deposit money. You can start with 0 BTC but it is best if you deposit something.

Coin URL
Pretty much like Adfly and Linkbucks, shorten links and get paid for clicks on it.
Free Bitcoin gambling sites

Seals with Clubs
Texas Hold 'em Poker 0.05 BTC freeroll every hour

Bc Poker
Texas Hold 'em Poker 0.003 BTC freeroll every hour

Strike Shaphire
Poker. 2 USD freeroll every day (Withdrawal in BTC)

Texas Hold 'em Poker 0.01 BTC freeroll every 4 hours

Free, downloadable MMO game. In-game free bitcoin faucets.

Bit Vegas
Minecraft Casino, There's an in game faucet that gives 0.0005 BTC every 15 minutes online. (Maximum 30 times)

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