Hey everybody,

I recently launched http://www.coinpatrol.com, a bitcoin price alert service that sends notifications when bitcoin prices change via text/SMS and email.

It currently works with USD and bitcoin only, but I plan on adding additional fiat currencies (Euro/Yuan/GBP coming soon!) and additional altcoin support (Litecoin!)

The following exchanges are supported, and more are on the way:
1. MtGox
2. Bitstamp
3. Btc-e
4. Coinbase

You can set 2 alert types:
1. Fixed price - ex. "Alert me when the price of bitcoin on MtGox goes above $1200.00"
2. Variable price - ex. "Alert me when the price of bitcoin on MtGox decreases by 20% in 1 hour"

Check it out and let me know if there are any features that you guys would like to see.


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