Materials needed:

- Havij 1.60
- Paypal checker (Find yourself yes, because we do not have power for share here)
- ++ Notepad (or regular notepad also not a problem)

The steps:

1 Search for web search engines that we will make the target:

     Dork: inurl: /products.php? * = (Dork can be developed)

2 Open Havij who have downloaded earlier, then scan the web that we make the target

3 When the process is complete click TABLES -> Get Tables -> Get Columns (point as usual use Havij -> link) Then select the Columns that you think there is a paypal account data in the example I choose columns "tbl_costumer"

Above 4 above, please check the data "email & password" if it is out, click the save data after it opened with a browser.

5.-mail & password Copy and paste in Notepad, then set to be like this

     | | password |

6 After that, open a web PayPal Account Checker and paste it in the space provided, then click "Check Now"

If you are out there writing [Live] means the account can be used if the possibility of [bad / dead] means likely accounts can not be used.

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