This is how to get free Bitcoins and Litecoins
Updated January 3 2017: Now includes, Proxy List feature (to bypass time restrictions), 10 more websites, settings to cycle either or both BTC and LTC Faucets, minor bug fixes and most importantly now has BUILT IN CAPTCHA SOLVING. This is now fully autopilot.
Hey guys, I just decided to share this bitcoin faucet bot that I had been using recently. I am now the lead coder of this bot along with Mylovich. Most of you guys should have already known what Bitcoin faucet sites are. If you don't, it's basically a site that gives you very very small amount of bitcoins every 1 hour or so. On most bots just put in your BTC address and it goes through the 35+ sites and you can choose to solve Captchas manually.
Well we have developed a new program called Bitomatic. It allows people to use our 112 pre-listed verified to pay bitcoin faucets (at the time of this post) and add any that they know of that we may have missed. Also recently we have added a proxy list function so that if you would like to bypass the time limit of most faucets on gathering coins you may cycle through ip addresses to do so. A key feature that we have implemented may very well revolutionize bitcoin faucet collecting.
The feature that I am alluding to is fully automated captcha solving for free. Similar to what is provided by deathbycaptcha (for a fee). We provide totally free to users of our bot a built-in captcha solver with a very very high rate of reliability. This feature allows the program to be run in the background while fully automated and autopilot. This is by far the best way to get free Bitcoins or Litecoins.
We will be implementing other cryptocurrencies in the near future as more faucets that are verified to payout are created for other cryptocurrencies.
Thanks to Mylovich for Help and Coding Support
Coming in Next Update: Adding AltCoin related Faucets.

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HOT QUICK Cash Paypal Wes...19 hours
HOT QUICK Cash Paypal Wes...19 hours
HOT QUICK Cash Paypal Wes...19 hours
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