Kiosks, ATMs, and Major Integrations

In 2018, within a four-month period, Bithumb has secured partnerships with the country’s third largest e-commerce platform, WeMakePrice, and the biggest local hotel booking platform, Yeogi Eottae. Both platforms are expected to integrate all 13 cryptocurrencies listed on the Bithumb cryptocurrency trading platform such as ICON, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash within the year.

In an interview with Yonhap, a mainstream media outlet in South Korea, a Bithumb spokesperson stated that the company is currently working with many of the leading companies and online businesses in South Korea apart from WeMakePrice and Yeogi Eottae to assist large-scale businesses in accepting cryptocurrencies.

“Bithumb is currently in talks with a variety of large businesses to ensure users can utilize cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum anywhere with ease, like in Japan.”

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