Bulk Redirection from one domain to new domain.
I have 500-1000 urls in a domain and would like to redirect all the links to another domain(new).
Please suggest how would be the impact to the new domain after bulk redirection.

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You can suggest other best ways to redirect all 1000 links to new domain.

Also suggest, whether I should redirect all links to a single page or redirect all individual links to their respective new domain links.

Awaiting for your suggestions.
you should redirect all the links to their respective domains because each of your link has its own value to rank on SERP in order to maintain keyword url mapping.
Awaiting for your suggestions.
If there's one thing that fine forums like this one do not stand for, is faking one's profile location. @charles, I'm closing this thread and hope you either change your location to reflect where you are posting from (actually Hyderabad, India), removed your location from your profile - or you will be banned.

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