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BitSler script is a standalone program to automate betting using several strategies.
It has an unique system to change seeds and make a lot more of wins...
Just sign in to the site with script, make sure the "Auto Change Seed periodically" option is checked and start rolling!
This is more than one-year work, we are happy if it can help people to promote the use of Bitcoins!
It is updated regularly to improve the script and to add new and innovative features.
Our professional script used already by many bitsler players can help you.
Bitsler script is a program to automate betting using several strategies and no browser is needed. This makes the script very fast when you bet with almost no delay and the option to change seed automatically turned it into a great tool to make profit and to increase win rate. The EliteTeam update it regularly to improve the script and to add new and innovative features. This version works with the new popular game Boom in BitSler. Targets are also randomized with a special algorithm which increases wins.
- Option to “Auto Change Seed periodically” (more wins guaranteed) (New)
- Adapted to work with the new Boom Game in Bitsler (New)
- No browser needed
- Multiply On Win
- Reset Bets after number of wins
- Speed Betting Option (New)
- Targets are randomized in the game Boom to increase wins
- Optional Stop after Profit
- The script is fully compatible with the latest Bitsler version. (New)

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