1,2 million Impressions a month (How to earn money)
I have a website with over 1 million impressions a month.
Acutally i earned 25,000 $ a month with AdSense bevor they banned me.

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Now, i don't know what i should do next.

For the best tip which helps me to earn money again i will give a reward of 500 $.
That is no joke.

try direct banner advertising with forex and hosting company

you can get 50-60,000$ a month steady minimum

I think you have a few good options:

- Find another advertising platform (unfortunately Adsense is the best)
- Sell the website while you still have all that traffic (I had 12,000 unique visitors per day when Adsense banned me, then things just went downhill - I wish I'd sold it!)
- Affiliate with a related company and earn money from referrals

Can someone recommend another advertising platform or affiliate?

I can say with guarantee that, you won't find satisfaction working with other ad networks. because none of the rest pay higher cpc. alternatively you can sell affiliate products on your website. digital products like paid software, ebooks or services like hosting may be profitable selection. best of luck for you.

I'd highly recommend http://www.cj.com/ . When it comes to a PPA affiliate marketing program nothing beats them.

As far as a PPC program, in the past I had a moderate success with http://www.bidvertiser.com/ . Of course it's not an alternative to AdSense (when it comes to earnings) but I am pretty sure you can make at least half of what you used to make with AdSense.

Start promoting affiliate products such as aweber or BlueHost. Post a few banners and links within your blog posts.

Whats your niche? More details required before we can assist.


- Talk with someone who will pay you to add his banner or text links in your site.
- Use some other program like BuySellAds, Yahoo! Bing Network, Infolinks, Chitika, Tribal Fusion, Clicksor, Media.net, Bidvertiser, Kontera, Exit Junction, Skimlinks, B4PSAds.com, Intellilinks, Dynamic Oxygen...
- Pay per download
- ClickBank (if your site is appropriate for this)
- Amazon Associates – affiliate-program.amazon.com (if your site is appropriate for this)
- Pay per signup
- CPA (Cost per action)
- Pay per install
- Premium content (users will pay to get acceses)
- Paid surveys and polls
- Selling or Renting Internal Pages
- In-text adverting
- Audio advertisement by netaudioads.com
- CPM - Cost per impression
- Affiliate programs
- Pop-ups and pop-unders (but people hate sites with pop-ups)

What is your site?

With this kind of traffic you can do anything you want. 
I suggest you https://peerfly.com which is a CPA network with tons of good offers. 
If you have a newsletter you can sell DEMS at $500 each.
You can Signup at www.clickbank.com and post products as affiliate.
You can sell advertising spaces in your website.
Your imagination is the limit!
If you liked my suggestions please send me the reward, I have two children and a lot of bills ;)

We all have a lot of bills and children/cats  The best answer wins 


WebDev Solutions said: ↑
Whats your niche? More details required before we can assist.

It is a website in the gaming branche.

Gh0sts said: ↑
It is a website in the gaming branche.
The Best solution then is CPA offers in my opinion. You can take all the offers about gaming and generate a lot of leads. 

fastebiz said: ↑
The Best solution then is CPA offers in my opinion. You can take all the offers about gaming and generate a lot of leads. 
Click to expand...
But which network?!

Gh0sts said: ↑
But which network?!
U can choose between a lot and u can apply to more than one to get more offers to promote. Just google "best CPA networks" and you will find them. Here is my RESULTS: http://top10cpanetworks.com/
I suggest you MaxBounty, PeerFly and AdscentMedia 

Additionally go to Clickbank.com look at the Marketplace in the section "Games" and you will find a lot of products to promote, the commission is up to 75% for some of them. Registration is free so you've nothing to lose than few minutes 

Wow man, that's really huge amount of traffic. BuySellads are doing good with huge traffics.

Gh0sts said: ↑
But which network?!
Firstly, give a try to amazon affiliate program, it is probably the best program I have ever used.
Secondly, try CommissionJunction and get all those gaming advertisers and use their products on your sit
Thirdly, try out chitika if you have a huge amount of USA/CANADA traffic
Lastly, selling AD spaces on your site would be a great idea to go for 

@25K a month you could give a better reward than 500...

Are you sure you made 25K?

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