What are some mistakes to avoid when disavowing links?
About all persons in SEO market field know about disavowing links but actually many SEO provider dont know clearly that what mistakes should we avoid when disavowing links.
I am here to discuss about it after long time because this is very useful and important topics.

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According to me main and big mistake is conclusion for any update in quick mode

For example if we listen that google is updating his rules and not supporting video at website in IFRAME ... then many person will remove his informative YouTUBE video (In IFRAM embedded mode) also from websites while we should know that YouTube is also part of Google and if that videos are disobeying any guidelines then YouTube will suspend or delete them first.

Some time we are talking about quality backlinks from theme related website only. But it can also a mistake when disavowing links.

For example we are managing website of SEO Services, so links from web designing development, seo , link building, marketing, online business, hosting etc niches are very suitable to get backlinks and increase our website reputation but some time we share our links and anchor text to webmasters to put links in existing contents ..... If he is defining in any contents about casino or gambling like why casino is important and how can we promote casino sites ..... and about one or two paragraph is completely about casino or gambling and your links are placed in mid of these contents ....  .. Be careful these types of links can create issue in future. So when disavow links then should care of these types of points also.

If you have any more ideas or suggestion then please share here because i want to know about all points on which we should care when disavowing links.
Firstly, as you should know, link-building is against Google's guidelines, so any links obtained that way, may, or may not help. If they do help increase ranking, it may only be for short time, so those links a webmaster pays someone to get, may end up negating any gains made, and therefor a waste of money.

When talking about disavowing links, unless you are a target of a negative SEO effort by someone, or you have taken the wrong path and purchased links in hopes of getting better ranking, you are the master of your own fate.
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