Kajamba Self Service Ad Network
Kajamba is a self-service ad network specially built for publishers. They offer an exclusively well-designed dashboard which any of the publishers may use to manage their tags, to generate the code for the ads and then by copying and pasting that code on their website, they can start making the money on the go. They have loving features like 1-Minute Signup, Super-Easy Implementation, and On-Time Payments, Friendly Dashboard, High Rates and Referral Program, which make it one of the Best Google AdSense Alternatives. They offer payment via Wire Transfer, Payoneer or PayPal. They pay on NET30 day basis once the publisher reached the threshold amount.

2). Chitika
Chitika Online Advertising Network

Chitika is not just one of the Best Google AdSense alternatives but also one of the most popular advertising networks in the online world. Chitika also offers various ad formats as many of the ad networks does, and pays by combination factors that include the number of impressions and the number of clicks on the ads. They provide quality advertisements. They are also known for their minimum payment threshold amount of just 10 dollars. It also offers real-time bidding, reporting, and optimization as well. Being awarded many times, they pay every month via PayPal and Wire Transfer.

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